Vision & Mission


To be a globally recognized college in Computer Sciences, Engineering Systems, and Mathematics known for its distinguished graduates and world class research.



The mission of the College of Computing and Mathematics (CCM) is:​

  • To graduate competent professionals in the disciplines of the college, with emphasis on the transition to the digital era, who are competitive worldwide and will be leaders in the Saudi Industry, Academia and the Government.
  • To conduct innovative multidisciplinary, basic and applied quality research that makes a scholarly impact and contributes to the national economy. 
  • To engage the local society, alumni, and partners and to provide distinguished services that disseminate knowledge and enhance scientific awareness



The goals of the College of Computing and Mathematics (CCM) is:​
  • Build and Sustain a strong, motivated and highly committed faculty
  • Attract and Maintain qualified undergraduate and graduate students
  • Provide a student centered integrated education experience
  • Keep up with rapidly changing information technology
  • Engage in society in mutually value-adding activities
  • Improve quality and quantity of the research