PC Labs in CCM

Lab NameLocationPurposeCapacityDept.
Database and Data Warehousing Lab22-334Teaching & general-purpose lab28ICS
Senior Projects Lab22-343General purpose & research lab18ICS
Artificial Intelligence22-129Special projects &  research lab7ICS
Information & Network Security Research Lab23-083Network security group lab4ICS
General Purpose PC Lab23-070Teaching & general-purpose lab31ICS
General Purpose PC Lab23-077Teaching & general-purpose lab31ICS
Software Engineering Graduate Lab22-228Software Engineering lab10ICS
Competition Lab22-222Competition lab7ICS
Operating System Lab22-336-2Teaching lab29ICS
Graphics22-417General purpose & research lab7ICS
General Purpose and Teaching Lab22-335Teaching & general-purpose lab37CCM
Short Course and Teaching Lab22-333General purpose lab29CCM
General Purpose PC Lab22-339Teaching & general-purpose lab37CCM
Research Assistant Offices23-016Offices for RAs25CCM
Lecturer B Offices22-115Lecturer B Offices17CCM
Lecturer B Offices22-113Lecturer B Offices23CCM
Robotics Lab22-215Research and teaching12COE
Digital Forensics Lab22-215-1Research and teaching20COE
Digital Logic Lab (COE203)22-340Teaching24COE
Computer Networks Lab22-347ATeaching24COE
Senior Design Projects Lab22-347BTeachingCOE
Mobile Computing Lab22-408Research and teachingCOE
FPGA/Design Automation Lab22-409Research and teachingCOE
Real-time Distributed Systems Lab22-412Research and teaching8COE
Embedded Systems Lab22-416Research and teaching22COE
RFID & Smart Card Lab23-071Research and teaching12COE
Wireless Sensor Network Lab23-078Research and teaching12COE
Industrial Systems Engineering Lab22-231Research and teaching44ISE
Computer Control Lab22-236Research and teaching30ISE
Control Systems Lab22-411/1Research and teaching21ISE
Senior Project Lab22-413Research and teaching14ISE
Distributed Network Control Lab22-417Research and teaching09ISE
Condition-Based Maintenance Lab22-418Research and teaching15ISE
Instrumentation Lab22-419Research and teaching27ISE
Embedded Systems Lab22-421Research and teaching16ISE
Autonomous Systems Lab23-415Research and teaching08ISE
Human Factor Lab23-017/1Research and teaching01ISE
Process Control Lab23-019Research and teaching10ISE