Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I obtain CCM user account to enable me use the labs in building 22? 

A: To have a CCM account, visit Mr. Saad in 22/341.

Q: How can I change/reset the password for my CCM account?

A: Please refer this page.

Q: Profile Limit Exceeded - I get message that I have exceeded the limit of my profile?

​A: CCM Network provides a home directory (Z drive) to all users (students). All user data must reside in the Z drive. When files are placed on user desktop, the profile becomes huge and login/logoff takes long. To avoid this message, please move files on the desktop, download folder and 'My Documents' to the Z drive. Also delete temporary files in the following location "c:\users\'your username'\". You may also use the "Profile Cleaner" located in the C:\ root folder to clean your profile.

Q: I cannot print PowerPoint documents?

A: To ensure efficient use of printer toner, CCM Network policy does not allow direct printing of ppt/pps files. Please convert such files to PDF document before printing.

Q: Where can I find CCM Software Repository?

A: You can find the CCM repository in Shared Folder: \\\Applications  (you can access through web or windows share).